Professional manicure courses in Miami

MUSE Beauty Salon

We will employ the best students

A fulfilling 5 days including 30% of theory and 70% of practice.

about us

MUSE beauty studios are all about quality beauty services. Our mission is to preserve and restore your youth, to enhance your beauty, to reveal your potential, to highlight your individuality. Our philosophy is that beauty has to be of great quality, ecological and personal. This is why we do not have "anonymous customers" but only respected guests.
We complete our understanding and attention to your wishes with excellent service, and we are perfectionists about it. MUSE Premium Beauty Services combines innovative technology with the best hands-on beauty in Miami.

For those who

Choose their own work schedule

Want be their own boss

Develop creatively

And have a stable income

What will you receive

  • Necessary theory

    All necessary theory
  • Safity

    Safe materials, preparations and gel nail polish
  • Practice

    Plenty of practice on the models (provided by the studio)
  • Relevance

    The most up-to-date manicure technique only on professional equipment
  • Only mini groups of students!

    We work to perfection in quality, not quantity
  • Support

    Instructor support after the course
  • Certificate

    Certificate of course completion

    Free week of skills training after the course on the models

In this course you will:

learn the anatomy and structure of nails

Learn about the technique of sterilization and disinfection in the nail studio

Learn the different types of tools and equipment used to work with nails and cuticles

learn about the types of cutters and their purpose

Learn techniques of safe removal of artificial covering

Learn how to correct nail shape

Learn the stages of hardware manicure

Learn how to level and strengthen your nails

Try out the methods of applying gel nail polish under the cuticle

Learn how to organize your workplace


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Why Choose Us

Hardware manicure and pedicure

Russian manicure is a special thanks to which the manicure is perfect and lasts for a long time

High level specialists

Unique techniques, the best massage therapist in Miami

Convenient location

Free parking

Treats for guests

Tea/coffee/champagne/candy for every client

Four-Hand Service

Saving your time
Loyalty program
Special offers
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